Theatre a step closer

The Phoenix Foundation of the Boundary Communities grants $4,000 to Midway Community Association for theatre lighting fixtures

(From left) Catherine Kappes

(From left) Catherine Kappes

Last Thursday, July 3, saw the dream of creating a theatre space in the Midway Community Hall take a huge leap forward when George Longden of the Phoenix Foundation handed the Midway Community Association a cheque for $4,000. The Midway Community Association (MCA), the sponsors of Midway and Beyond Little Theatre, will use the money to purchase eight theatre lighting fixtures.

The Phoenix Foundation, whose philosophy is to provide grants to support local initiatives throughout the Boundary communities, saw the value in establishing a local theatre in the West Boundary region and generously awarded these much needed funds to the MCA.

“Getting a working theatre on its feet takes both effort and funding. As a group we can provide the effort but purchasing the basic essentials such as lighting and sound equipment, curtains and a portable stage, are simply beyond normal fund-raising projects,” explains director John Hibberson. “We are so fortunate that community focused groups such as the Phoenix Foundation exists. We reached out to them; they realized our need and gave us this wonderful gift. We are so grateful.”

Midway and Beyond Little Theatre continues their work on the theatre space in the community hall. A new curtain and lighting bars are now up. The new lights will soon be hung and working, and there is recent hope in purchasing a portable stage. All going well, their first production, a radio show drama based on the famous 1896 Camp McKinney Gold Bar Robbery, is planned for early November 2014.