Silver fox fur trading for up to $150

Chronicles of Boundary Country from the pages of The Boundary Creek Times Volume III, No. 5 – October 9, 1897

Chronicles of Boundary Country from the pages of The Boundary Creek Times Volume III, No. 5 – October 9, 1897

➤ Water and Light for Grand Forks – “Grand Forks city council have decided to award the contract for constructing a new waterworks system … and an electric light plant. The water will be pumped into a 30,000-gallon reservoir, which will be situated a quarter of a mile up the North Fork. A 65-horsepower engine will pump the water into the city through four-inch mains, extending through the principal streets and supplied with a suitable number of hydrants.

The height of the reservoir will be sufficient to throw the water 100 feet. The electric light plant will have a 120-horsepower engine, which will be situated close to the waterworks engine. This plant is to have 1000 incandescent lights and five arc lights, so arranged as to light the entire city.”

➤ Fur Company Advertisement – The Providence Fur Company, of Providence, Rhode Island, U.S.A., is advertising that it “wants all kinds of raw furs and skins” and quoting the following prices: silver fox @ $15- $150; bear @ $5-$25; otter @ $4-$9; martin @ $2-$9; beaver @ $3-$3.50 per pound; wolf @ $1-$2; red fox @ $1-$2; mink @ $0.75-$2; skunk @ $0.25- $1; and rat @ $0.20-$0.25.

➤ A Long Way to go to get Married – “J.W. Nelson, one of the proprietors of the Pioneer Hotel, and Mrs. M. Hofell… left for the American Okanagan early in the week, for the purpose of being married, there not being any minister or other person licensed to solemnize marriages at present in this district.”

➤ Contract for Cedar – “Mayor Wood of Greenwood and Thomas Hardy of Anaconda who own valuable and extensive timber limits on Christina Lake, have awarded a contract for cutting 500,000 ft. of cedar, and placing in a boom in the lake. In the spring, they intend erecting a saw mill on the lake, as railway construction will create a great demand for all kinds of lumber. The cedar is of the best quality.”

➤ Wooden Shoes – “The St. Maurice Mining Society has in its employ an ingenious Frenchman named Claude Gidon, who makes wooden shoes for his own wear at mining work on the Society’s claims in Central Camp.Mr. Gidon takes pardonable pride in his handiwork, which certainly does him credit. Each shoe is carved out of a solid piece of wood. Though like diminutive boots in appearance, the shoes are very serviceable.”

➤ A Free Cook Book – Table and Kitchen is the title of a new cook book published by the Price Baking Powder Company, Chicago. “Just at this time, it will be sent to you free if you write a postal card mentioning the Boundary Creek Times. Besides containing over 400 recipes for all kinds of pastry and home cookery, there are many hints for the table and kitchen, showing how to set a table, how to enter the dining room, etc. A copy in German or Scandinavian will be sent if desired.”

➤ Dogs and Sluts – “Lovers of dogs of the larger breeds will find something to interest them if they ask C.W. Tynan, of the Pioneer Hotel, Greenwood, to show them his St. Bernard pet “Queen” and her litter of half-a-dozen two-weeks-old puppies. There are two dogs and four sluts in this valuable canine family.”