Introducing Sarah Filgate

In conversation with members of the Class of 2014 as they prepare for graduation.

Sarah Filgate

Sarah Filgate




When asked to describe the path she is planning to take after graduating from BCSS in June Grade 12 student Sarah Filgate admits that she’s actually travelling on two paths at once.

“I am getting into film, while my other path is trying to be logical and get a real job,” she told Career counselor Pam Storie during her grad transitions exit interview.

“So I am going to go into event management and promotions; and while I am doing that I will do some acting.”

She’s unsure which school she will attend right now, but she plans to make application to a couple of institutions and then sit back and see which school offers her an entrance scholarship.

Sarah has already been picking up work as a movie extra and, since September of last year, she has a contract with an agent that gives her access to scripts and auditions.

Sarah has definitely been bitten by the acting bug. She’s played in four major productions while at BCSS; most recently playing Anita in West Side Story.

In fact she recently auditioned for the new Star Wars movie. That job would take her over to England. She’s also auditioned for a movie called Truck Stop, which will be filmed in Toronto.

She was one of a group of high school students who attended the Truth and Reconciliation through Education session in Vancouver last fall.

“My wanting to learn more about residential schools started in Grade 11. We learned a little bit more in depth. I found out how little this is talked about.”

Sarah was raised in Carmi. Of the hour and forty minute bus ride she says, “You get used to it. You get to know people really well.”

She works at Big White. “I love working there. It was my first job and I am really lucky to work there because you don’t realize how much you love something until it is gone. Last summer I was working at the Recreation Inn in Kelowna—I love Big White. There are great clients— everybody is happy, they are on vacation and they love it.”

When asked about favorite classes she replied, “Anything with Mrs. Lautard pretty much, because you learn more than the curriculum. I like English and anything in the arts.”

She’s been active in Spirit Club for four years, used to play on the volleyball team—but drama kind of took over.

Storie congratulated her on being a well-rounded student. “Academics— an opportunity to go to university, acting, sports, volunteer work, compassion and empathy.”

Sarah will be leaving BCSS in January – she’s completing her grad requirements a semester early, but she will be back for the grad ceremony. She plans on working at Big White this season to build up some savings to go to the coast with.