Introducing Dylan Winn

In conversation with members of the Class of 2014.

Dylan Winn

Dylan Winn

His resume is short and sweet. Perhaps shorter than most, but the summary at the bottom of his neatly typed document speaks volumes about Dylan Winn.

“I have pride in my work and am not afraid to ask questions if unsure of a task. I pay attention to detail and will always arrive on time.”

Dylan was born in Kelowna, spent most of his life here in the Boundary, except for his middle school years when he was in Fort St. John. He is a young man of few words, but was well spoken during his Grade 12 exit interview with BCSS career counsellor Pam Storie.

He told her he’s been accepted to Okanagan College this September and will be taking environmental studies. “I enjoy learning about it. In geography, environmental studies was the best part,” said Dylan.

His hobbies are playing bass guitar (he loves music) and outdoor activities like hiking and fishing.

When asked his immediate and 10- year goals he said, “Get a job so I can make some money, go to college and then get a good job and place to live.”

He has basic skills with rock trucks and excavators and holds his CORE certification.

He confessed to once skipping class to climb a tree in the park as his favourite memory of BCSS.

That prompted Storie to offer a bit of advise on how post secondary education works.

“It’s just they are not going to nag you for stuff. You don’t show up for class—they don’t care— they have got your money.”

He explained his philosophy as: “Don’t live like it is your last day—live like it is your first day and then everything will always be interesting.”

I guess if you are going to climb a tree, do it right.

When his interview took place back in mid-April Dylan wasn’t sure what his summer work plans might be, so if you are looking for someone to do some work around your place who claims pride in his work as his strength—then you should look him up.