Introducing Cam Ewing

In conversation with members of the BCSS Class of 2013.

Cam Ewing

Cam Ewing

Grade 12 student Cam Ewing says one thing he really likes about having the high school so small is he has been able to grow up with all the people in my grad class and I know everything about them. “You don’t get that in those big high schools.

I am excited about it because our grad ceremony is one of the best in B.C.,” he declares. Cam has already chosen the career path he’s like to follow. He will be attending the Justice Institute of BC in Kelowna this fall to take a three-week course that will allow him to get his foot in the door in the ambulance service. After he’s logged enough hours he will be able to take his Primary Care Paramedic (PCP) and eventually he plans to be certified to work on helicopters doing critical care.

Cam is currently looking for a summer job. When asked what he has to offer an employer he’s quick to answer, “I am a really good team worker, I like to work outside, like to work with my hands and I can pretty much do anything.” He started working at the Gold Pan Café from the age of 13 or 14 as a busboy/dish washer.

His resume includes the Rock Creek Petro Can where he did extra chores like cleaning the gas pumps, doing inventory, stocking, and serving at the deli. “By taking care of these tasks it took the weight off senior staff allowing them to get more important tasks done,” he wrote in his grad transitions file.

Last summer he worked at the Midway Museum on conservation, maintenance, public reception and giving tours.

Cam has lived in the same house in Christian Valley since he was born; in fact his mom was pregnant with him when it was built.

Soccer was a sport he’s loved to play all through high school. His hobbies include fishing and being outdoors. He’s also taking the Fire Suppression course, which will earn him 15 certificates by the time he graduates.

Cam is grateful for his family too. “My family has supported me both mentally and financially my whole high school career to make sure I can be the best I can be. They will continue to help me once I have embarked on my journey of adulthood. I can always rely on my family for support.”

He says an ideal summer job for him would be outside, but anything that is paying relatively well will do – it’s a means to an end. “Money is money,” he says. “Once I’ve got the money I can do my course and then I am going to be doing what I want and I’ll be happy to go to work, it’s just getting there.”