Hugs and Slugs – Mar. 27

If you have a hug or a slug, simply email with your short quips, compliments or complaints.

Hugs: To the Regional District Waste Management department— once again setting the pace for the rest of the province by establishing the first rural green recycling program in BC.

Slugs: To people who allow their feral cats to run loose in town.

Hugs: To John Coburn for putting himself at risk to rescue the driver and passenger when their truck went into the Kettle River near Rock Creek. He waded through ice-cold swift moving water. If not for him these people would have had to wait in the frigid water for at least another hour for Search and Rescue to arrive from Grand Forks or Osoyoos.

Hugs: To Jean Haywood for going out of her way to sort through the Senior’s Thrift Store to find some gently used sweaters for me. Double hugs for the delivery.

Hugs: To spring finally showing up. It’s been a long winter!

Slugs: To people who don’t respond to their emails.

Slugs: To people who don’t pick up their dog droppings.

Hugs and congratulations: To Frances and Thomas Braun for investing in the community. Best of luck with the Greenwood Country Store.

Correction on a Hug that was misprinted as a Slug last week:

HUGS: To those who accept responsibility for being members of the human race. These are the ones who get involved and speak up when bad stuff is going down.



Email with your short quips,compliments or complaints; or you may drop them off at 318 South Copper Street in Greenwood.