Hugs and Slugs – Jan 9

If you have a hug or a slug, simply email with your short quips, compliments or complaints

In the December 19th Hugs and Slugs column we gave a hug when it should have been a slug. To set the record straight….

Slugs: To people illegally fishing on Jewel Lake. Would someone ask the CO to take the newspaper off of his speed dial now please?

Hugs: To all the emergency service workers and their families who stand ready to put their own holiday plans on hold at a moments notice to come to the aid of others.

Slugs: To the Midway Library for the holiday hours; especially when kids are off on winter break.

Hugs: To the volunteers who stepped in at the last minute to organize the Greenwood community Christmas dinner.

Slugs: To the person who informed the local radio station that the Greenwood Community dinner was cancelled. Shame on you for being so spiteful.

If you have a hug or a slug, we’d like to hear it. We will print the anonymous submissions for all to see. Be honest, but all we ask is that you keep it tasteful. Editor’s discretion will always be exercised. Simply email with your short quips, compliments or complaints; or you may drop them off at 318 South Copper Street in Greenwood.