Hot ticket this weekend – schedule

The 5th annual Midway Music Festival is bringing musicians from across BC to the Village for an "Old Country-Western Bluegrass Weekend"

Pete Orobko from Maple Ridge (left)

Pete Orobko from Maple Ridge (left)

5th Annual Midway Music Festival

An Old Country-Western Bluegrass weekend at the Boundary Expo Recreation Centre

Admission for day visitors $5 or $10 for the weekend.


7:30 – Breakfast is served

AM band scramble

12-1 Lunch

1-5 Open mic

5-6:30 Roast beef dinner

7-9:30 Open mic


7:30 – Breakfast is served

10-12 Gospel

12-2 Open mic

2 p.m. Shutdown

Everyone welcome. Come and bring a friend.