Fall soccer cancelled

Lack of volunteers has led the Boundary Youth Soccer Association to cancel the fall schedule this year.

Organizers of the Boundary Youth Soccer Association have announced the cancellation of the Fall Soccer Season this year.

“We identified a need for more volunteer involvement to be able to properly organize and operate the fall season,” said an email sent to groups’ membership. “Unfortunately we didn’t get the response needed to put forth the quality soccer experience we would like to offer our membership.”

The email said that the board intends to make use of the time between now and Spring 2015 to take stock, reorganize, and build up our volunteer base to make the BYSA better and stronger in 2015 and beyond.

“Boundary Youth Soccer Association is run, organized, and put on by dedicated volunteers. Let’s start our Spring Season off right with the right amount of volunteers to make it happen,” said the release.

The association has their AGM scheduled for Wednesday, November 26th, 2014. For more information Boundary Youth Soccer Association can be contacted by email at boundarysoccer@gmail.com or calling 250-443-5045.