Fair grounds get facelift

Upgrades to the fairground: a kitchen renovation, fresh paint throughout the grounds, new energy-efficient lighting & new tables and benches

“There are new lights in the Rock Creek Fair Ag Building and every light fixture in the pavilion has been changed

“There are new lights in the Rock Creek Fair Ag Building and every light fixture in the pavilion has been changed

Some A lot of improvements have been made to the Rock Creek fair grounds over the past year. In 2013, 100 picnic tables were built, made possible by memorial donations and sponsorships that covered the cost of the project.

Fair director Danny Nakatsu used the same funding formula again this year to build 40 new benches.

The grounds have benefited from $3,500 worth of paint that has been applied by volunteers, “to just about every flat surface in this whole place, including the corral, the beer gardens, bleachers,” Nakatsu said with a laugh. The Kettle River Artists lent their own artistic talents by painting the inside of the pavilion.

The electrical infrastructure has seen some major improvements. Concession and vendors booths can now quickly hook into power that is backed up on fair weekend by a generator.

The kitchen has been gutted and is being completely rebuilt, including a new water heater and sanitizer.

Nakatsu said that every electrical fixture in the big barn and at the livestock wash rack has been changed. The lighting upgrades were funded through a regional district gas tax grant.

The arena has been cultivated and stumps pulled by Bill Bosovich, and Art Harfman brought in topsoil. Nakatsu said that Dennis Martin and Dan and Hazel Self have been instrumental in helping him with these projects.

“We are right on budget—in fact we are a little bit under budget,” boasted Nakatsu, who said he is impressed with the willingness of the people to help.

“I asked people—they had said when you need a hand just give me a shout— and when I call them up they come. They have their own lives to live too. I have nothing but good things to say about the people.

“I really believe that the Rock Creek fall fairgrounds is more than just the fairgrounds. It is the district or area centre.

“That’s pretty much what I have done in the past couple of years,” Nakatsu said with a grin.