BLASTS FROM THE PAST Dec. 24 – Road a ‘dumping ground’

Chronicles of Boundary Country from the pages of the Boundary Creek Times Volume IV, No.6 – April 16, 1898

Chronicles of Boundary Country from the pages of the Boundary Creek Times Volume IV, No.6 – April 16, 1898

➤ The City Scavenger – “Complaints have been made to this newspaper office that the road leading from Greenwood to Deadwood and Copper Camps is being littered with cans, bottles and garbage by the City Scavenger. However, he states that he hauled no garbage over the Deadwood Camp road this year. This may be true but the road itself bears strongly unpleasant testimony to the fact that it has been a dumping ground for refuse from the city. The provincial police ought to inquire into the matter.”

➤ Columbia & Western Railway – “A bill has been introduced in Ottawa to enable the Columbia & Western Railway Co. to lease their line from Robson southwestward through the Boundary Creek country to the Canadian Pacific Railway. This will be a continuance of the Columbia & Kootenay Railway which connects with the Crow’s Nest Railway at Nelson. The new line will commence at Robson, following the Columbia River for a distance, then strike across country to Christina Lake, to Grand Forks, to Midway through the Boundary Creek country and on to Penticton, a distance altogether of about 200 miles.”

➤ Police Inspector Mountain – “The government has placed all the provincial police officers under the control of inspectors. The Inspector for Yale and Kootenay is R.F. Mountain. While some of the provincial police officers should be under the control of an inspector, it strikes us forcibly that too much money is being spent in the payment of officials whose duty it is to take care of other officials who ought to be able to take care of themselves. The provincial officers in this district are sensible fellows that have always performed their duties well and we think the public would take chances on them without the additional protection of a provincial inspector.”

➤ New Windsor Hotel – “The proprietors of the Windsor have decided to build a three-storey hotel on the ground now occupied by the present hotel. A contract has been given for removing the Windsor to the rear of the lot, to make way for the new building.” (ed. – This new structure was destroyed by fire just a year later and was rebuilt, standing today on Copper Street as the Greenwood Inn Hotel.)

➤ Rendell & Co. Advertisement – Rendell’s general store was advertising their “fine lines of Fancy Groceries”, including: “Heinz’s Evaporated Horse- Radish; French Moutarde de Bordeaux; Ocean Brand Condensed Vegetables; Wethey’s Condensed Mincemeat; Morton’s Raspberry Vinegar; and Boulter’s Refugee Beans.”

➤ CPR Trains not to stop at Grand Forks or Greenwood – The Times reprinted the following statement which appeared in the Grand Forks Miner newspaper: “…neither Grand Forks or Greenwood will be favored with a C.P.R. depot, but that the company will run right through the business part of the towns without stopping.

“Any town ought to feel proud to have the C.P.R. pass through it, even if it doesn’t stop.”