4H club elects 2015 officers

The first meeting of the 2015 years was recently help for members of the Boundary C 4-H Club.

By OLIVIA SCHNEIDER, Club reporter

The Boundary C 4H Club held its first general meeting of the year on Jan. 15 at the Rock Creek fairgrounds where they elected this year’s officers.

Dawson Harpur will continue as president and Adele Fossen as vice-president. Marijka van Kuik is their new secretary and Hanna Harpur remains as treasurer. Olivia Schneider is this year’s club reporter and Savanna Elliot is safety officer. Danny Macfarlane and Lauren Fraser are the snack and drink coordinators.

­The club has grown by 10 members which makes it 35. Nathan Harpur, who headed laying hen projects last year, will be doing the same this year with the possibility of meat birds and other farm fowl for those who are interested.

Also, Boundary C, already a multi-club, will be expanding this year to include sheep projects with Duane Harfman as leader and Annette Grob assisting.

Club members will be preparing their speeches for the upcoming speak-os on March 11-12. And don’t forget the annual Cattle Baron’s Ball fundraiser on April 25 at the Rock Creek fairgrounds.