4-H members get ready

The Rock Creek and Boundary Fall Fair happens this weekend - celebrating 100 years of 4-H in British Columbia.

The Borderline 4-H Club will be in the sheep ring on the weekend of the fall fair.

The Borderline 4-H Club will be in the sheep ring on the weekend of the fall fair.

Submitted by MARIJKA van KUIK

With the Rock Creek Fall Fair (Sept.13 and 14) and the Provincial Winter Fair (in Barriere, Sept. 26-29) right around the corner, Boundary C 4-H Club members are finishing their projects and preparing for the competition.

The nine beef members are energetically practicing their showmanship skills in preparation for the upcoming fairs. This involves washing, clipping, combing, and hauling their steers to practice days so the steers become used to being trailered and being in a ring with others. Recently, this involved a weighin and it sounds like there’s going to be some well-fed animals walking into the show ring. If you make it to the beef ring and see an animal you would be interested in purchasing, contact club leaders for information on how to place your reserve bid for the auction at the Provincial Winter Fair.

The horse members have been out on the trails for rides and an overnight campout, which included their annual swim in the swamp. It seems Doug Fossen (horse leader) has interesting tastes in swimming holes. The members have also been taking part in clinics with Wendy Price, who is a certified Equine Canada competition coach specialist from Grand Forks. She is teaching the members about showmanship and Western pleasure classes, and as she works with them, she helps them with their basic riding skills as well.

The sewing girls have been finishing their final projects, and working on items for the auction in Barriere. Their first projects were done for the dress revue, which was on June 22. Keep an eye out for the girls on the dais Sunday afternoon at the Rock Creek Fall Fair. The clothing items and auction pieces they have sewn will be highlighted and displayed in the pavilion. If you would like to have one of their pieces in your home, contact Greg and Jen MacDonald (250-446-2189) to find out to place your reserve bid.

The three self-directed photography members are working on their albums (scrapbooks), which will be displayed in the pavilion. They have also made their choice for an auction piece to be sold at the Provincial winter Fair. If you are interested in placing a reserve bid on one of their auction photos, contact club leaders.

The population in the poultry barn at our fair will be much fuller this year, as each member with chickens is required to enter two hens and a rooster. It promises to be an interesting assortment of birds, with the heritage and crossbreeds the members will be bringing. If you do take the time to wander through the poultry barn, be sure to check out the display about this centennial project.

As the members’ busy summer comes to an end, they are finishing up their projects and preparing for the upcoming fairs. They are looking forward to being able to exhibit their work from the past year and are always grateful for the support of the fair.