Sign designs finalized by economic development committee

Greenwood Economic Development Committee plans for new signage at the city's entrances are complete.

The Greenwood Economic Development Committee (GEDC) finalized design decisions at its June 18 meeting for new signage at the smokestacks at each end of the city.

“That’s going to be a go,” said GEDC President Jim Nathorst. “I think we have enough money with what has been set aside by the city and what the Board of Trade raised at our fundraiser. So hopefully before too long we will have brand new signs at either end of town.

“We are not going to have any more regular economic development meetings,” Nathorst told the Times. Rather, they will be at the call of the chair.

“Because we are at a standstill. We need to get some grant money if we are going to do that water display at the A-frame that we talked about. It’s too much money to try and raise on our own.”