City Foods features fresh healthy products

Greenwood City Foods offers a good selection of fresh healthy grocery products.

Greenwood City Foods had a wonderful display at this year’s Founder’s Day complete with a covered wagon that dated back to the mid-1800s.

Greenwood City Foods had a wonderful display at this year’s Founder’s Day complete with a covered wagon that dated back to the mid-1800s.

Manager Petra Picher who along with her partner Doug Jensen decided to open the store and pizzeria because they wanted to bring some fresh healthy products to Greenwood. Doug owned the facilities. So Greenwood City Foods opened three months ago at 298 Copper Street in Greenwood’s downtown heritage core; coincidentally in the same building that once housed the city’s Red and White Store.

The facilities had been upgraded to a pizzeria and deli a few years ago and were known as Jak’s Diner. So it took very little work to reopen. “We just rearranged the furniture, purchased some shelving and brought in some good quality food products,” explained Petra. “And we are bringing in more and more new products everyday.”

Since then they have been putting in 12-hour days – 7 days a week. “We have four staff right now – we hope to expand in the near future with some more staff.”

Petra said that a lot of people from the surrounding areas including Jewel Lake are very happy to see them open. “They come to their vacation home and now they have somewhere close to go shopping,” she explained. “We try and keep our prices either better or competitive.”

As well as offering the normal grocery stock they sell fresh roasted coffee from the Trading Post in Rock Creek, fresh fruit and vegetables; in fact this week you can find fresh fruit from the Okanagan. “Picked yesterday morning – so you can’t get much fresher,” says Petra.

They strive to bring in local produce when possible. “I have been talking to local farmers about bringing local beef, chicken and pork.”

Loose leaf teas are available and a full selection of bulk foods. Included in their store is a wide variety of ethnic foods – Italian, Thai, Chinese and East Indian foods. She has plans to bring in some health products too.

Plus they have the basic staples like ketchup, canned and dry goods, pet food and household products.

The deli section is filled with high quality meat and imported cheeses; and most of the deli meats are gluten free.

They can take special orders for their customers too. “We’ve been diligent about filling special requests as far as we can,” said Petra. Grocery orders come in twice a week and they encourage people to order ahead.

Greenwood City Foods carries Island Farms Dairy with a variety of yogurts, ice cream and almond milks.

Back in the kitchen Doug is inventing new and tasty recipes for the menu, which includes pizza, pasta, salads, soups, subs and more. Doug makes his own bread fresh. Fresh fruit smoothies are available too.

They have special nights— Wednesday is all you can eat spaghetti and they host a home style Saturday Supper, which generally consists of a roast and baked potatoes and salad. You can enjoy your meal at a comfortable table inside, out front at a sidewalk or take it home to enjoy!

Watch the sidewalk board for pizza specials too!

“I want to share healthy and fresh products with the community and serve their needs,” says Petra. “All the shopping carts in the store are from the original Red and White Store; we want to have a bustling business like the Red and White used to.”

Greenwood City Foods is open from 8 to 8 on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. On Thursday, Friday and Saturday they are open 8 to 9; and on Sunday from 11 to 7. You can reach them at 250-445-6548. You can also like them on Facebook and check out their website at