Time for open rebellion over fuel costs

Westbridge resident George Delisle calls for action on gas prices that are out of line with other areas.

Does anyone else feel that the price of local fuel is not in step with other areas?

Why is diesel fuel $1.48/l or roughly $6.00/US gallon, while just across the border in Orville it is $3.98/US gallon or $0.99/l.

Why did diesel go up in Canada $.60/US gallon and at the same time just across the border the price dropped $.20/US gallon? Who is screwing us?

“Buy local,” people scream, but at some point in time, bending over to get shafted becomes intolerable. What is an acceptable mark-up for local products including the difference in currency? I sure don’t feel that 50 per cent difference is justified. I understand the need to support Canadian enterprises, but please don’t make it so obvious that we have to be stupid to put up with it.

If our local federal Member of Parliament wants to do something useful for the people living in his federal riding, perhaps he should look into the price gouging that is going on with fuel prices. High fuel prices hurt everyone including local businesses.

The wealth generated in this province runs on fuel. Push the price too hard and the economy slows down.

Corporate greed needs to be brought under control or we need an open rebellion against it.

George Delisle,

Westbridge, B.C.