A LITTLE PERSPECTIVE – Year in Review can surprise

A look back at the year that was in the West Boundary.

It is always interesting to put the year-in-review paper together. Looking back over the previous 12 months, almost all of us can find something that surprises us.

Something we had forgotten, but which had the community abuzz with chatter and clatter at the time.

Probably the biggest news in the Boundary was the teacher’s strike. We are all certainly glad to see that over— all that arguing and lost time was perhaps a waste of time since some of the main issues like class size and composition weren’t really even at the table.

Instead, at the end of the negotiations, they remained unresolved and before the courts. But at least the kids are back in school.

One of my biggest worries in 2014 was that someone was going to call me out on that Ice Bucket Challenge. That was a period of intense insanity for a month or two back in the summer. It was enough to make a fellow afraid to turn on their computer for fear they had been called out.


I have to marvel at the energy being put into the ice rink in Greenwood. Plans are for a major outdoor ice skating party on New Year’s Eve after the RCMP Community Consultative-sponsored family fun skate ends at the Midway arena.

It’s taken a lot of work by some really dedicated volunteers to make the rink happen this year and it is unfortunate Mother Nature couldn’t be more accommodating with the temperature. If this were the hugs and slugs column then those volunteers would be getting a hug right now.

But there is another outdoor winter event that it would be great if this group might consider adopting as well— Greenwood Winterfest.

Mind you, Winterfest isn’t mine to give away. That would be up to the fellow who’s been the main organizer of the Greenwood Winterfest since it started here—Mr. Andy Shelton. But it didn’t run last year and it would be nice to see it revived.

In the meantime, let’s everyone make a last minute Christmas wish that the weather stays below freezing for the rest of the season (or at least the rest of school break).


The Boundary Creek Times is going into the new year with a new and improved online experience. We are more active on Facebook and we are also online at boundarycreektimes.com. This is where you can find archived copies of the paper going back as far as late September 2012. Just click the e-Edition link at the top of the page.

This is handy because we didn’t manage to get the Christmas house light-up pictures into the print edition of the paper this year—instead you can find them being fed onto Facebook as the rest of the year winds down.


Because I must complete this article before the deadline that looms, I must resort to using long words. Gordy Jones was helpful in that. I suggested wheelbarrow as a long word and he supplied the other.

So Gordy and I wish you all a happy New Year and may you all have the good fortune to enjoy a wheelbarrow full of marmalade in 2015!