A LITTLE PERSPECTIVE – The old adage is true!

Learning the ins and outs at the rifle range - and - time to start decking the halls.

I went to the Kettle Valley Wildlife Association range a week or so ago to watch the 22 rifle youth shoot that the club sponsored. It’s a good way for the kids to get some hands-on experience with a rifle, including instruction on firearm safety.

Each youngster was assigned to a coach, a member of the wildlife club who made sure that proper procedures were used on the firing line. The coach would hand the youngster one bullet at a time and then help them get into the proper position to aim and fire. Prizes were handed out to the first, second and third place shooters; as well as one for the youngest first-time shooter.

The club supplied the ammo and each club member brought their own 22 rifle for the kids to use.

I was watching this one young fellow get a couple of rounds off. But then he ran into a bit of trouble. When he opened the bolt on the rifle, the shell casing was stuck in the chamber. He tried to dig it out with his fingernail– no luck.

His coach tried to dig it out with his fingernail—no luck.

Noticing what was going down, the coach at the next station reached into his pocket and pulled out a jackknife.

He opened it up and used the blade to reach in and flick the casing out of the chamber.

This just goes to prove that it is indeed a good idea to bring a knife to a gun fight.


The beginning of last week marked the one-year anniversary of Special K’s passing. We’d always decorated the yard for Halloween, but last year I skipped. But I’d made a silent promise to Special K that I’d get back to it this year.

The yard decorations at our place began when she moved to Midway. In early October that first year she asked if I decorated for Halloween.

“Sure,” I replied. What I meant by decorate and what she meant by decorate were two different things. I meant that I had one of those little accordion paper thingies that you spread open into a ball and put a paper clip on and there you have it – a pumpkin! That and a few pictures of witches and ghosts that I scotch taped to the window were what I called decorating. I was soon to learn some stuff, though.

That first year Special K woke up on Halloween morning as excited as a little kid.

“Okay, let’s go,” she shouted.

“Go where?”

“Outside! You say you decorate—so let’s go decorate.” Then she went to the back room and brought out three shopping bags filled with Halloween decorations.

We decorated that year; and we decorated every year after that, always adding another little bit. She even ordered a banner saying, “Happy Halloween from the Kellys!”

So this year when Halloween came around I went to the back room to get the tote with the Halloween stuff in it. It was there all right, clearly labelled Halloween decorations.

The tote was sitting right on top of another, also labelled Halloween decorations. Next to it was another—same label.

So I set to work. I am pretty sure there must be another tote someplace though—I didn’t find the inflatable spider or the tape cassette of spooky screams.

Halloween, only a one-night gig, is over now. Time to put the three totes back in storage and pull out the other seven that I saw back there labelled Christmas.