A LITTLE PERSPECTIVE – Pink Shirt Day message important

News of the annual anti-bullying campaign & business news from Canada's smallest city.

It was Pink Shirt Day on Wednesday and Black Press gave all of the staff at the paper some really cool official looking t-shirts for the event.

I started the Wednesday this week down at the high school hoping to get the group shot of the pink crowd there. But things had changed up a bit this year and the photo op would come later in the day at lunchtime when students would be invited to sign an anti-bullying banner.

Events like Pink Shirt Day are valuable in that they bring people together. A fellow wearing a pink bow tie kindly bought my morning coffee. I guess his philosophy was why stop at just ant bullying, when you can go all the way to being pro-nice.

Later in the morning I was witness to an interesting exchange when someone who was not wearing any visible pink clothing came into a room. They were greeted by a totally in the groove person wearing a pink shirt.

Instead of looking up and welcoming the newcomer to the room the pink shirter – who shall forever remained unnamed – cut right to the chase and asked why they weren’t in the uniform of the day so to speak.

So it comes down to a question is: Is it okay to be judgemental and bullying toward someone on Pink Shirt Day just because they aren’t wearing pink?

Later in the morning someone came in to the newspaper office. They were wearing pink, but they thought ours were pretty spiffy too. But this individual came on kind of strong about the whole deal. “Where’d you guys get those shirts?” she demanded in a bullying tone.


Business is on the move in Greenwood this spring.

Hardware will once again be available without leaving town as the Greenwood Country Store is reopening this Friday after moving up the street to the corner of Greenwood Street and South Copper (across the street from Greenwood City Foods).

Brandi’s Sweets and Buddies Treats will be moving to the storefront beside the Pacific Grill at the end of March.

Both businesses may benefit from their moves. The hardware store will have more space and higher ceilings. They are said to be looking forward to stocking lumber at the new store.

The candy shop stocks a few items other than just sweets to make their small business a success here in Greenwood. They carry top-quality pet food too (hence the Buddies Treats) and they also carry children’s books. Their new store will be smaller than where they are located now and the décor will be perfect for a candy store.


Sometimes things just don’t work right for me with the new-fangled technology we have these days. I lost some pictures a couple of weeks ago before I sent them in to the production department.

Nothing that can’t be reshot later though. So I can live without them. Since I’ve already exhausted every option for recovering the files I will have to live without them anyhow. But taking pictures for the paper is somewhat nerve wracking.

But sometime this photojournalism gig can be pretty intense. To be perfectly frank with you, I shutter every time I press the button on my camera.