Three to view for two seats on Greenwood city council

Voting will take place on June 18. An advance voting date has not yet been announced.

Candidates running in the 2016 Greenwood city council byelection were announced on May 13, kicking off a month of campaigning for three prospective city councillors looking to fill two empty seats on council.

The candidates are Jim Nathorst, Rob Payne and Gerry Shaw. According to Chief Election Officer Wendy Higashi, candidates have until May 24 to withdraw from the race, after which an election either by voting or an election by acclamation will be formally announced.

Should any one of the three candidates drop out, there will be no voting and candidates will be appointed by acclamation, meaning the two remaining candidates will automatically fill the empty seats.

If no candidates drop out, voting will take place on June 18. An advance voting date has not yet been announced.

Plans for an all-candidates forum have not been addressed pending the end of the withdrawal period. The Greenwood Board of Trade (BOT) has organized the forum in the past, but considering his dual role as both a candidate and BOT president, Nathorst said alternate arrangements would be made to run the forum.

Council currently has one open seat left vacant by the death of Nola Tutti, who passed away in December. Councillor Darla Ashton has submitted her resignation effective June 18.

In 2014, the provincial government extended local government officials’ terms to four years from three years. Councillors elected in this byelection will serve until the fall of 2018.

Candidates are being offered an opportunity in the June 9 issue of the Boundary Creek Times to introduce themselves in their own words.