Thieves, vandals keep police busy

The West Boundary has been victim to a rash of property crimes over the past couple of weeks - suspects are still at large.

Thousands of dollars of damage was done to the seventh green at the Kettle Valley Golf Course overnight on Monday by thieves who also stole tools and other items from the shop.

The Midway RCMP detachment has been very busy over the past few days.

Corporal Judson Mayes told the Times in a phone interview on Tuesday evening that on Saturday, March 28 they responded to a break and enter of a motorhome trailer on a property between Midway and Rock Creek. A backhoe and trailer was stolen. Fencing and gate were damaged. Police have no suspects.

During the early morning hours of Monday, March 30, four vehicles along Fourth Avenue and Hartland in Midway were rummaged through by unknown suspect or suspects. Mayes said nothing was stolen, but personal things in the glove box and centre consoles were picked through. RCMP again remind residents to lock their vehicles at all times.

On Tuesday, March 31, police received a report of a stolen F-150 pickup from Dominion Street in Midway sometime on Monday night. The vehicle was apparently locked. Mayes reports they have no suspect or suspects at this time.

Also on the same night, three Midway RCMP vehicles were disabled between 1 and 2:30 in the morning. Tires were flattened at members’ residents, as were their personal vehicles.

RCMP remind residents to watch their places as well. “If we can’t respond, it puts the general public in great danger,” said Mayes.

Again on Monday night, a break and enter occurred at the Kettle Valley Golf Course. Gas, a welder, compressor and tools were stolen and there was approximately $2,000 to $3,000 damage to the seventh green when it was driven over. A vehicle with matching tire tracks was seized off of the Mt. Baldy Road later the same day.

The golf course was hit again on Tuesday night with the thieves coming back for more items stored outside the shop area. Course manager Aaron Rexin told the Times that the thieves also stole the keys for all of the equipment and they again drove across the green.

Greenwood was not left untouched either as police received a report of a stolen car from North Kimberley Street in that city on the same night.

They also received a report of the theft of two ATVs and a gun from a residence in Midway.

On Tuesday afternoon Midway RCMP, along with members from Osoyoos and Penticton, were involved in a pursuit of four suspects in a stolen vehicle in the Mt. Baldy Road area. Suspects were reported to still be at large Tuesday evening. RCMP remind residents to be vigilant and lock their cars and homes.

During construction at the Midway detachment, a temporary non-emergency phone line has been set up: 250-443-1470.