Terrific summer for Greenwood Museum and Visitor Centre

The centre enjoyed a terrific summer as far as numbers are concerned.

Summer is winding down for the Greenwood Museum

Greenwood’s iconic Museum and Visitor Centre is winding down activities for the season, as the summer comes to an end and schools prepare to reopen. Despite the wildfires that effectively brought tourism to a grinding halt in the middle of August, the centre enjoyed a terrific summer as far as numbers are concerned.

“The number of visitors is up significantly over last year,” said Greenwood Heritage Society president Doreen MacLean. “The low dollar has kept B.C. people at home touring their province. The last week of August usually slows down as families are getting their kids ready to go back to school.”

Summer employees Thao and Thinh Atkinson, in their second and third years respectively, have both enjoyed their tenures at the centre.

When asked which part of their jobs was the most appealing, both agreed that it was welcoming tourists from all areas of the globe.

“Visitors are always so nice to deal with and very happy when we are able to direct them toward interesting sights in this very historical area,” Thinh said.

Museum visitors and employees alike were kept nice and cool during the stifling heat wave of June and July, courtesy of a newly-installed air conditioning system, made possible by a New Horizons grant, and museum staff looks forward to another stretch of fine weather in 2016.

The centre will remain open until the end of October and will reopen on May 1, although tours of the facility are possible by appointment.