Seniors plan building upgrades

Support for the Senior's Centre and Citizens on Patrol, regrets for Boundary Minor Hockey

On March 17, Lorraine Bradford, president of the Midway Senior Citizen Branch #117, came with a delegation and spoke to Midway council about some upgrades they would like to have done at the seniors’ building.

She explained that adding a big screen TV and PA system will make the facility more suitable for meetings, seminars, crafts and other meetings for seniors.

Furniture is being replaced and the group plans to apply for a grant to replace all the windows and doors and possibly install an air conditioner or heat pump.

Council approved their request for help obtaining the quotes for the work to be done by local contractors and/or the village.


Council passed a motion to donate $600 to the Midway Citizens on Patrol.


Councilor Dick Dunsdon, who had attended the previous council meeting via telephone said, had he been present, he would have spoken against turning down the request from minor hockey for the donation of the community hall for their AGM and awards banquet next month.

“There are a few people who volunteer and it takes a lot of work to run minor hockey,” said Dunsdon. “We need to keep those people happy. It is the same with any organization in town—the four or five people, whoever they are, working hard to keep minor hockey going. I would have spoken against that vote.”

Councillor Marguerite Rotvold explained she didn’t support the request because a dance to raise funds for minor hockey had been put on but wasn’t well attended by many families with children in minor hockey.

Dunsdon made the motion to reconsider but there was no second and his motion died.