Library board welcomes new members

Greenwood Public Library holds elections at Jan. 26 AGM.

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A new year, and with it came our annual general meeting, held at the library on Jan. 26.

We elected several new members to the board: Gerri Hollett, Diane Lapalme, Mariette Jacob, Virginia Holmes and Dave Evans. These, along with returning members Ann Mudrie, Debra Brownhill, Lynne Klaver, and Shawn Whitelegg, will give us a full complement of nine.

Thanks to all who turned out and supported us by their attendance at the meeting.

Thanks to The Greenwood Improvement Society, we have a new computer at the front circulation desk. Now we’ll have one exclusively for use in checking items in and out, and one for the librarians’ use in doing email, cataloguing items, processing interlibrary loans, and word processing.

This will make it so much easier when we have a volunteer checking things in and out while the librarian is working on the other computer. Thank you, TGIS!

This week you may notice a Bakeless Bake Sale flyer in your mailbox. This is an annual fundraiser we hold, to give people who otherwise might not be aware of the library, its services, and its needs, an opportunity to make a contribution.

If you do not receive unsolicited ad mail in your box, you won’t have received this flyer either, so we have some available in the library for those who are interested. And we thank everyone in advance for your support of your community’s library—donations are an important portion of our annual revenue.