City crew takes down bandshell

The bandshell that has served the community of Greenwood for the past 35 years was taken down last week.

Over the past several years various Greenwood councils have been wrestling with the dilemma whether to raze or to repair the band shell in City Park. The question was resolved last week as the works crew took the building down.

The bandshell in Greenwood’s City Park was taken down last week. City works crew used a backhoe to demolish the structure.

According to Doreen McLean of the Greenwood Museum, the bandshell was built with a $10,000 grant that Board of Trade president-of-the-day Merlyn Phelps was instrumental in acquiring.

“I think it was controversial because of the cost but it served its purpose well over the years,” said McLean.

When the building came under the scrutiny of the building inspector, Mayor Arno Hennig took exception to any claim that it might be structurally unsound. He took a fiddle up to the roof and danced a jig for a picture that appeared in the local paper.

Former city works foreman Ken Riddle said the bandshell was built in the late 1970s and Jim Vineyard was the foreman for the crew that built it. It had not been used for the past several years.

In March Greenwood council voted to demolish the bandshell, the Lions Park gazebo