Bear trashes car at Jewel Lake to get at apples

Nickson's car door was wide open and a large black bear was leaning into the right rear passenger compartment.

A sweet-toothed black bear gained entry into Jewel Lake resident Michael Nickson’s car last week

Jewel Lake resident Michael Nickson had a rude awakening early one morning two weeks ago.

Having purchased 46 kilograms of juice apples the previous afternoon, Nickson decided to leave them overnight in the trunk of his car, believing the apples would keep better in the cooler exterior than in the house. He intended on removing them from the vehicle the next morning.

He soon realized that was a big mistake.

Nickson was awoken by noise around 4:30 a.m., which he ignored. Woken again at 5:30 a.m., he ventured downstairs and discovered his car door wide open and a large black bear leaning into the right rear passenger compartment. Nickson believes he had likely left the car unlocked.

He was eventually able to scare the intruder away by shouting at it, though not before the bear had demolished the entire rear seat back and ripped off the rear bumper. It had failed, however, to access the apples, which Nickson removed immediately.

Despite the fruit having been removed, the bear returned the following evening and again early the next morning, though Nickson was able to scare the animal away both times. Further damage to the vehicle had been done, though the bear was unsuccessful in his attempt to get back inside.

After a third visit from the bear, Nickson called the Conservation Officer Service, informing them the bear may be “dealt with” if he returned again. Fortunately for the bear, he did not.

“Unfortunately I have no comprehensive insurance, so I must bear the loss myself,” Nickson said.