Storie sends word from Brasil

Sydney Storie, a Grade 11 BCSS student is on a Rotary International exchange trip to Brazil, sends in news of her first three months away.

BCSS Rotary Exchange student Sydney Storie poses with her first host family in Brazil.

Editor’s note: As Callie Williamson mentioned in our other story about Rotary Exchange this week, “There is a different way and neither is right or wrong, you have got to be prepared just to try another way.” This article by Sydney Storie illustrates that truth from the very first word— Ola in Portuguese, meaning hello. Other words in the article are going to be equally as difficult to get past my spell checker, such as Brasil instead of Brazil.

Submitted by Sydney Storie

Ola, I have been in Brasil for a little over three months now. I have been staying with my first host family ever since I arrived. I will be changing families in the beginning of November.

I can understand most things and I can create conversation in Portuguese, at the end of the year I hope I will be fluently speaking.

I am attending a private school, doing my grade 11 year. School is much different then at BCSS. The school is from kindergarten-grade 12, it’s hard to see such a small school hold so many kids!

In district 4510 there are 48 inbound students from all over the world. I am known as a pop star down here in Pacaembu, I am the first exchange student to come to the town of Pacaembu. My town is small, but there is a lot to do. Almost every weekend I attend one or two Churrascos. A Churrasco is a Brazilian BBQ. The meat is delicious. Churrascos and festas are very common down in Brasil.

Summer is just starting now, although for me I felt as if I had already been through summer. The temperature has reached 39 degrees Celsius, I’m scared to see what summer has to offer. My host mom keeps telling me that in December/ January I’m going to melt!

In the middle of November, I’ll be travelling to the north of Brasil, into the Amazon. It is a trip that Rotary offers. I will be travelling for 16 days, through the Amazon, beaches and Manuas.

This is a lifetime experience for me. I would like to thank Rotary District 5080 once again for selecting me to be a rotary exchange student. I am having an amazing time down here in Brasil. I am missing my family and friends a lot even the cold but it is worth this wonderful experience. Saudade to my family and my best friend Miranda Boltz.