Month of fairs keeps 4-H club busy

Boundary C 4-H club reporter Marijka van Kuik fills the community in on how the kids did at Rock Creek and Provincial Winter Fairs.

With 20 different clubs and over 200 4-H members

by Marijka van Kuik

September was definitely a busy month for the Boundary C 4-H Club, as it is the month of fairs. First, the Rock Creek Fall Fair, Sept.13-14, where the competition is amongst our own club members. Then the club headed to the Provincial Winter Fair Sept. 26-29 in Barriere where the competition amps up. When the club returned home, most of them had ribbons in their pockets, projects sold, and smiles on their faces.

At the Rock Creek Fall Fair, the beef members competed in a variety of classes including showmanship, weight classes, pairs, and grooming and fitting. In the showmanship class, Savanna Elliot took grand champion with big brother Rylonn taking reserve; Ben and Danny Macfarlane took third and fourth.

In the weight classes, Danny Macfarlane took first in the junior class and reserve champion in the 4-H weight class. He also took a first in pairs alongside Hanna Harpur, with Ben Macfarlane and Dawson Harpur receiving second. Danny Macfarlane, Rylonn Elliot and Sarah MacDonald took third place in the grooming and fitting competition.

The Ranch Horse members competed in an assortment of classes as well. These classes included showmanship and sorting. The members also did a demonstration showing their ability to sort and herd cattle. Most of the members rode in the gymkhana Sunday morning as well. The gymkhana events were barrels, pole-bending, ribbon race, scurry race, and a few of them entered the command class. In the 4-H showmanship, Ben Macfarlane took first in the intermediate/senior class, and Marijka van Kuik took first in the junior class. Ban Macfarlane, Adele Fossen, Jennifer Grob, Hannah Corfe, and Megan Ewing took first in the sorting competition.

The clothing members set up a display in the pavilion to show off their projects. Marijka van Kuik received first place for both the intermediate/senior main project category, and the intermediate/senior accessory project category. Savanna Elliot took a first on her skirt in the junior main project category, and a third for the dress she made in the junior accessory category.

Zoe Grouette received third place for her project in the junior main project category.

Analia van Kuik took second for her intermediate/ senior accessory project and third for her main project. She also had the first place quilt.

Adele and Jade Fossen had the second place quilt, and Hanna Harpur took third.

On Sunday afternoon, the girls did a fashion show on the dais, modeling their projects and highlighting the items some of them had made for the auction in Barriere.

The photography members also set up their displays in the pavilion and had them judged. Marijka van Kuik received first on her display, Matthias Bergandahl took second and Colin Grob placed third. Marijka van Kuik also took first in the three 4-H photography classes, making her the 4-H photography aggregate.

Also at the Rock Creek Fall Fair, the educational displays some of the members made for Rally Day earlier this year, were judged. Zoe Grouette received first on hers about the Cree medicine wheel; and Ben Macfarlane, alongside Dawson Harpur took second.

The Provincial Winter Fair (PWF) is a provincial wide competition with almost 20 different clubs, and over 275 4-H members attending each year. All sorts of projects are displayed and judged in different competitions. Projects include beef, horses, sheep, guinea pigs, rabbits, dogs, clothing and photography. PWF is a chance for members to compete at a higher level and against more members than the ones in their club alone.

The beef members competed in more classes and against more members. Classes included stall competition, weight classes, grooming and fitting, showmanship, group of three, group of five, and beef judging.

Danny Macfarlane took second in his weight class, Savanna Elliot received second in her weight class, Hanna Harpur got third in her weight class, Rylonn Elliot took third in his, Dawson Harpur received third in his, and Alec Elliot took third in his weight class; in their respective weight classes.

In showmanship, Danny Macfarlane took first in his group. Hanna Harpur received third place for her junior beef judging. In group of three, Danny Macfarlane, Savanna Elliot and Rylonn Elliot with handler Sarah MacDonald, took third. In group of five, Danny Macfarlane, Sarah MacDonald, Savanna Elliot, Wade MacDonald, and Hanna Harpur, along with handlers Dawson Harpur and Rylonn Elliot took third.

Boundary C’s horse members competed in a variety of classes which were more challenging than the ones at the Rock Creek Fall Fair. The classes included stall competition, showmanship, judging, Western pleasure, Western equitation, reining, command class, trail class, and a gymkhana.

In their showmanship class, Ashley Vegh took first, with Megan Ewing in third, Adele Fossen in fourth, and Olivia Baia in fifth. Ashley went on to semi-finals and placed last. Ben Macfarlane received fourth in his class of showmanship. Ben also took fourth in his Western equitation and reining classes. He received third for his Western Pleasure and command classes. In the gymkhana, Ben took second in pole-bending, third in barrels, and fourth in the egg and spoon race. The photography members competed at a whole new level in Barriere and came back with some ribbons. The classes they were judged in were showmanship and unit work. They also had to do some judging of their own. In showmanship, Marijka van Kuik took first in her group, and Matthias Bergandahl and Colin Grob received second and third in theirs.

For unit work, Marijka van Kuik took first for her unit II work; she was also overall, reserve aggregate photography member.

The Boundary C clothing members were the only clothing members that attended PWF this year; although the club in Prince George also has a clothing division. The Boundary C members participated in a fashion show and did some judging over the weekend. In junior judging, Analia van Kuik took third; and in the intermediate judging, first place went to Adele Fossen, and second to Marijka van Kuik.

The 2014 4-H year has been a great year, and the members are looking forward to the upcoming year. Right now, the Boundary C members are finishing up their record books to hand in by the end of October.

If you’d like to join the Boundary C 4-H Club next year, please contact Greg and Jen MacDonald at 250-446-2189.