Hamper challenge solved?

A partnership between the Greenwood Board of Trade and the Kettle River Lions will ensure the Christmas Hamper program continues.


The Kettle River Lions Club found itself in a quandary come Christmas Hamper time. As the club found, there were no members in Greenwood (except for one, who spends wintertime away) but the list of hampers to be delivered there was the larger portion of all the communities served.

The club considered abandoning Greenwood but that was not an acceptable solution. After the problem was published in the Boundary Creek Times, a number of Greenwood residents offered their help. The Legion wants to co-operate; a number of church members too offered their help.

That was not the solution. The ideal situation would be if there would be more members in the community, which in turn would help the community in a number of ways. One solution was suggested by the Board of Trade (BOT). They would co-operate with the Lions by delivering all the hampers and at the same time suggesting to their own members to consider becoming members of the Lions.

This would be an ideal solution, as the club has been delivering almost 50 hampers. Also, the Lions would have a greater visibility in the community as in the past.. Lions are be the service club working with all residents for mutual benefit. A Lions park in town, reminding passers by and the community of what could be done with co-operation. Jim Nathorst, president of the BOT, will bring the information to their next meeting, to see that the hamper program is working smoothly in Greenwood as