Figure skating under way

Boundary Figure Skating Club is taking orders for the annual community birthday calendar until the end of the month.

Members of the Boundary Figure Skating Club at practice last week under new coach— but long-time fellow skater

Boundary Figure Skating Club has started the year with 14 skaters.

This means that room remains for more registrations.

Jolene Kellerman is taking over the coaching this year. She has been skating for 12 years.

Jolene completed all six levels in the skating skills program earlier this year when she passed her Gold Skating Skills test in Glengarry Skating Club in Penticton.

Kellerman says the club can assist anyone in learning to skate for whatever reason, hockey, figure skating or recreation.

All ages are welcome.

They practice once a week – Fridays from 11:30 to 2:30. Cost for the winter program is $180 for younger skaters, which included Can Skate fees and taxes. The fee for intermediate and senior levels is $235 for the year.

The club is currently taking orders for the annual community birthday calendar. Contact Michelle Best at 250-449-2764 or Tina Hesketh at 250-446-2802.

Hesketh says the order will be sent at the end of the month so contact them sooner rather than later.

The Boundary Figure Skating Club presents two shows on home ice each year. Mark your calendar now for the first of the upcoming season —Dec 17 at 5 p.m. for the