Eight inducted into the Kettle Valley Adventurers Club

The new youth club is a Christian-based organization meeting once a month for children three to nine.

Children in the Kettle Valley Adventurer Club learn to interact with each other and with adults by engaging in club-directed activities

The Kettle Valley Adventurer Club held its formal induction service for new members Saturday, Nov. 30, at the Westbridge Community Hall.

Officially inducted were five child members and three staff members.

The Adventurer Club accepts children ages three to nine who are eager and willing to explore the Christian walk in a fun, interactive and educational manner. It meets every second Tuesday of the month from 4-6 p.m. in the Rock Creek Medical Society’s boardroom.

New members are still encouraged to join, and if interested, please contact the associate club director, Gisela Zinner, at 250-446-2517 for further information.